Useful information

Baggage checklist: What things in your luggage should not be missed?

Personal things & Papers
PA, passport, visa
Cash or Card
Flight/ferry tickets
Insurance policies
Student ID, senior Pass
Customer cards, discount cards
Important phone numbers
Vaccination certificates

Hygiene & Health
Body Care
Brush / comb, hair styling, hair dryer
Sunscreen, sunblock
Other cosmetics

First aid kit
Mosquito repellent
Disinfectant spray
Gastrointestinal tablets
Cough and cold remedies
Pain and fever tablets
Plasters, bandages
Wound and burn ointment
Prescribed drugs

Clothing & sun / rain protection
Tops, T-shirts, shirts, blouses and shirts, sweaters
Stockings, tights

warm climate
Shorts, Pants / Skirts
Street shoes, sandals
Swimsuits, flip-flops
Sun Hut Sunglasses

cool climate
Pants, Skirts & Dresses
Coats, jackets, vests
Street shoes, boots
Rain gear, umbrella
Hat, scarf, gloves

free time & Entertainment
Address, phone book
Pens & Writing Pad
Books, newspaper / magazine
City guide, plan
Dictionary for your trip
Photo, video camera,
Batteries / Chargers, Adapters
CD, MP3 player, media
Playing cards, travel games

Outdoor entertainment
Fishing equipment
Badminton, tennis, Frisby
Ball (volleyball, soccer)
Surfboard, diving equipment
Snowboard, ski
Compass or GPS if necessary
Land or hiking map