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Six Senses: Hideaway Ninh Van Bay

About the Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay Resort:

One thing to be said upfront: I personally find that this hotel is the finest resort in the world!
The facility is located on a peninsula that is accessible only by boat. Transfer: about 15 minutes by speedboat. The resort offers several accommodation types and all of them have without exception, a private pool:
35 Beach Villas
8 Hilltop Villas
5 Water Villas
5 Spa Villas
4 Rock Villas
1 Presidential Suite
No matter where you are located, in which restaurant you are sitting on, or where else you are – the views are simply breathtaking!
Since the hotel area is quite large, bikes are assigned to each villa with which can help you explore the area. If you are too lazy for walking or cycling, the butler with the electric buggy is always available to drive the guests around (even daily pick-up from/to the restaurant is possible).
The entire facility is very clean and most environmentally friendly. Almost everything is made of wood, palm leaves or similar natural material. You cannot see any plastic, because even if present, is it “hidden”: The telephone cord is wrapped in a rope, the remote control and the lighter is packaged in cardboard, the few plastic bottles are in small fabric wrapped sachets etc.
You can choose between breakfast, half board or full board. We have booked half board and found that it was really worth the money.
The majority of the guests are couples, of course J – Children may be placed only in the Beach Villas.

Depending on which accommodation you have booked, your villa lies directly on the beach, or you have to walk up to a couple of minutes to the beach and / or pool – but we mainly stayed in our villa, and mostly in our own private pool. The nearest town is Nha Trang. The hotel offers around 2 times a day free transfer to the “mainland” (depending on when they drive guests from/to the airport). In order to reach Nha Trang you need about 15 minutes by speedboat and another 15 minutes by taxi. The closest airport is Cam Ranh – about 35 minutes away from Nha Trang. The distance is not long, but the roads are pretty bad.
If you don´t want to leave the (half)island Ninh Van Bay where the Hotel is located, you have no other choice but using the resort facilities: There is a gift shop and a spa shop where you can buy souvenirs. But they are much more expensive than outside the hotel. However, if when you consider that according to a travel brochure in all of Vietnam there is no better hotel than the “Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay” it´s no surprise that the prices are accordingly high…
The hotel offers many more options: Travel to Dalat (the village is located at ca. 1,500 m), Nha Trang (mainland), island hopping, deep sea fishing, excursions to the peninsula where you can hike to a waterfall and – among other things – can observe monkeys; lunch or dinner on a deserted island, in a cave on the “Jetty”, on the beach, etc. – prices are also not very low, but the service is impeccable. Due to the fact that we booked 10-days stay at the Hideaway, we received a complimentary (=free of charge) “Sunset Cruise” that we can really recommend to anyone: you drive about 1 hour by boat and get champagne and canapés served. The boat drives only one family, so you can enjoy some privacy.


There is only one thing to say about the service: perfect!
All employees are super friendly and helpful, not all of them speak English very well or you have to get used to their accent, but there were no communication problems – maybe because eI also don´t speak English very wellJ. We have always received what we were asking for. In addition a butler who speaks very good English and is responsible to fulfill all wishes is being assigned to each couple upon arrival. This is actually the best thing about “Six Senses”: they don´t seem to use the word “no” in their vocabulary, they try to make everything humanly possible for their guest. The management is mixing among the guests (at dinner) and making a short conversation with them, asking if everything is ok, etc. The butler is also coming by at least of once per day in order to make sure that every wish is fulfilled and is asking for eg. if you would like fruits in your room, etc.
On arrival the butler asks what time is suitable for you to clean up the Villa (morning and evening) so that the room service does not come in your way.
On arrival and on departure, we were welcomed by several hotel employees and the hotel manager himself. We found it very funny that he always introduced himself saying: “I am Godfrey – the hotel manager” J.
The hotel has, of course you a doctor, a small playground – don´t forget that this is really a resort for (love)couples, laundry service, the famous Six Senses Spa, free internet (also in the villa), a small library where one can borrow books, magazines and DVDs, etc.
Complaints? – Who can complain over the paradise on earth should really stay home!
At the end of the stay you have the chance to evaluate the resort and its individual services. It is also asked what could be done better – even if it is just a small thing – but I thought of nothing really.



The resort has 3 restaurants:
“Dining by the Bay” – the main restaurant is spread over 2 floors, where the morning buffet breakfast is served in the evening you can also use the buffet, or “a la carte” dining.
“Dining by the Pool” also spread over 2 floors, some tables are virtually “in the pool”
“Offers Dining by the Rocks” – the gastronomic highlight of the resort because of the location, the hill and the amazing view of the bay; only dinner is served here and you need to make a reservation as this restaurant is open only 1 night/week. A very tasty 6-course meal is being served! Weddings and other events are also organized here.
As we had booked half board, we have been allowed to dine here free of charge. However, if you want to book dinner with wine (6 different types of wine are served) you have to pay 50,- USD per person.
The resort has also a bar and wine cellar where you can eat and drink: “Drinks by the Bay”.
You can only be delighted about the quality and variety of food and drinks that are beautifully arranged and presented. The Food & Beverage Manager who by the way speaks English perfect and without accent makes a really great job and walks around daily among the guests in order to receive their feedback! Both typical as well as international dishes are being served.

Clean and service are great. When the employees of the restaurant realized that I had a cold, they brought me tissues and recommend me a tea for the cough.
The atmosphere is great everywhere in the complex because of the many comfortable relaxing seats that you can find anywhere.
The prices are – as already stated above – very high but you can have a look at them on the website of the hotel, where you can download the menu and wine list.
Since we have known this in advance, we bought during our round trip through South Vietnam 15 cans of coke that we were not able to consume during our stay, but funny thing is that we have paid for the 15 Coca-Cola cans less than 1 single soda can cost at the hotel.
As we booked half board, we had to pay only for the drinks at dinner; therefore our final bill has not been high at all. Occasionally meetings with the resort team are being organized (free drinks and canapés are being offered on this occasion) and there are also happy hours when you order a drink and the 2nd one is free etc.
At breakfast, all drinks (there are about 6 coffee tipes and 10 kinds of tea, cocoa, milk, natural fruit juices, smoothies and even sparkling wine) are included. As the hotel has its own fruit and vegetable garden, there were mainly fresh and natural foods with no preservatives, etc.
Very nice was also the fact that water in the minibar, as well as throughout the facility (restaurant, library, gym, spa, reception, etc.) was available free of charge.
What we particularly liked is that you do not have to be stressed because of tips during your stay: A 5% “service charge” is being added automatically. The hotel advises specifically on not offering tips during the stay. If desired, you can add to your bill AT THE END OF VISIT an additional sum as tip: for certain people, or for the entire staff.

Sports, entertainment and pool:

At the LIFE Center you can chose among:
• Tennis
• Volleyball
• Badminton
• Board Games
• Hiking
• Boat Rental
• Snorkeling
• PADI Dive School
• Windsurfing
• Hobiecat sailing
• Kayaking
• Water Skiing
• fishing trips
• Etc..
In the SPA center:
• Six Senses Spa
• Steam and sauna facilities
• Fitness center
• Tai-Chi
• Yoga
• Etc..
Internet access is available free of charge at the reception desk in the library and on request in your own villa (wireless).
Beach and pool are great; there are always sun beds and umbrellas, showers, etc.



The resort has only villas / bungalows with living room, bedroom, dressing bath, outdoor shower, terrace and pool. Included facilities: mini-bar, wine bar, coffee maker, kettle, telephone, TV, CD player, safe, lighter, amenity bag (includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, cotton pads, cotton buds, nail file, shower cap, sewing kit …), bathrobes, makeup mirror, incense, hat, mosquito net, mosquito protection, body lotion, (after sun) shampoo, conditioner, beach bag, sun beds, umbrellas, umbrellas, rain jackets, water jug with trowel outside the villa to the washing of sand, etc. If desired, you get slippers and many other things. There is even a “pillow menu” from which one can choose a special pillow for sleeping.

Tipps & tricks:

Although Vietnam is indeed a very cheap country, the hotels all have very peppery prices. When I compare the prices with those in the hotels where we were accommodated during the 8-day round trip,the Six Senses Hideaway seems no longer so expensive considering also that the quality here is even a thousand times better!
However, during our round trip we were paying for a dinner of 2 persons ca. 15,- USD (but outside the hotels and in restaurants where mainly locals were eating). For this money you can get in the Six Senses Hideaway ca. 3 cans of coke. So it´s recommended to book half board!
Although the Hilltop Villas guarantee privacy, you should consider that in order to reach them, you need to climb ca. 100 stairs. Honestly – it sounds much worse than it really is because in between there are short stretches where you can walk straight and have time to catch your breath. If you still don´t feel comfortable to do that effort, then you should rather book a beach villa – which is located right on the beach so you don´t have to climb any stairs.
In order to move more quickly within the resort there I already mentioned the possibility to use the bikes, or simply ask the Butler to pick you up with the electric buggy.
For a longer stay (more than 1 week) various benefits such as a 30-minute hand or foot treatment, 30-minute body scrub, a dinner (without drinks), a Sunset Cruise, etc. are often offered complimentary (free of charge) by the resort.
By the way: you should absolutely look at the toilets that are located next to the reception – the best I have ever seen – they are actually open air toilets :-)
Otherwise, you need to do only this: relax, sit back and enjoy the view! The “Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay” will let all your (vacation) dreams come true!

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Hua Hin: Evason with private pool

2 weeks from 950 Eur for 2 persons in double room or 1.500 Eur in pool villa (delicious breakfast included)

The Six Senses resorts are the most environmentally friendly hotels we’ve ever visited. Almost everything is recycled (wood) which creates a very beautiful, romantic atmosphere. The Evason Hua Hin Resort & Spa consists of several 2-storey buildings and various villas. Everything is beautifully nature embedded, there are several places where you can relax, such as the sofa bed in the lotus pond, etc.

The Evason is separated by a small road from the beach. Since this is not paved, the drivers are forced to drive very slowly.
In the immediate neighborhood of the hotel there are a few local restaurants, bars, small souvenir shops and even a tailor. Trips, massages and taxi services are also being offered. Everything is much cheaper than in the hotel.
The transfer from the airport in Bangkok takes about 3-4 hours, depending on traffic.
To Hua Hin (the closest city) you drive about 30 minutes by taxi. We have paid 600,- baht (ca. 14,- Eur) to Hua Hin and back.
The only negative aspect is that the beach (in comparison to the Caribbean paradise) is not beautiful and located directly by the road. There are also flood and ebb. At high tide, then there is no beach anymore :)

The staff is extremely friendly! And even without a tip, because we have tipped them only on the previous day of our departure. All of them speak very good English, the accent is of course a bit strange. There was even a German employee at the reception. At the check-in we have received cold towels and a soft drink. We were suggested to book an upgrade to a larger villa, but after I saw “our” Villa I didn´t wanted to leave it anymore.
Our Butler showed us to our pool villa nr. 227.
The room is being cleaned 2 times a day so everything was super clean:
In the morning the blinds were open, the bed made, the mosquito net lifted, the sun beds prepared (the towels were put above a comfortable mattress), fresh water, etc.; in the evening, the blinds were lowered, the mosquito net left off, towels and mattress of sun beds put away, fresh water was provided, mosquito repellents lightened, etc.
We have received 2 times a day 4 bottles of 0.5l water each. The service is great! There is nothing that this hotel does not offer!
Shuttle bus, transfer, laundry, sports, medical, spa (with a lot of massages), child care (4 hours or 8 hours or even all night), Internet, Wireless etc.
We ordered ice every day and it was delivered directly to your room.
A glass cleaning service and watermelons are being offered by the pool.
Refreshing towels, fruits and water are at the guests disposal at the library, gym etc. Sometimes, the hotel management is organizing a meeting with all guests. Drinks and canapés are being offered complimentary on this occasion. As the hotel is committed to the environment, it is possible to involve yourself in different social responsibility activities such as tree planting etc.

The Evason offers:

-       The Restaurant where you can have breakfast in the morning. In the evening a buffet dinner is organized here.
- The Other Restaurant (Kieng Saw) which offeres mainly Thai food
- The Beach Restaurant with Italian cuisine
- The Bar offers daily tapas and cocktails from all over the world
- Wine Cellar
At breakfast you can find EVERYTHING (eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, soup, rice, sushi, sausages, potatoes, gravy, fruit, dried fruit, salad, various types of butter, more than 10 jams, peanut butter, Nutella, honey, a rich bread offer , sweets, etc.)
On all prices 7% VAT and 10% service charge are being added, so that an extra tip is of course welcome but not expected. Outside of the hotel everything is much cheaper, we paid for a dinner outside the hotel just 1/5 of the price that we spent for a dinner at Evason. Small example: A Coke costs at the Evason 106, – Baht (= 2.5 Eur including all taxes / fees) and at the restaurant next door you need to pay only 15 to 20, – Baht (=0.35 Eur).
But atmosphere and service are then at least also 1/5 less impressive than in the Evason. Therefore, in my opinion, both options are worth to be tried out! Best thing to do is to dine during the first 2 evenings both in as well as outside of the hotel, then you can decide yourself what suits you better for the remaining holidays for.

The Evason has a very large swimming pool including a children’s pool, tennis, fitness, water sports (sailing, water skiing, canoeing, etc.), bike rentals, hotel shop (where you can buy souvenirs, Spa-products and various odds and ends), free Internet access, child care and various activities such as Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, drawing / painting, etc. The complimentary (=free of charge) one-hour trip to the neighboring market should not be missed – you go there by bike.

We had the pool villa No. 227 and I really loved it! The villa has: a double bed with mosquito net, double bed, air conditioning, fan, minibar, coffeemaker, safe, TV, CD/MP3 phone (in the bathroom :-) ), hair dryer, bathrobes, slippers, mirror, (too) many towels, scent sticks, cosmetics (shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, after sun shampoo, after sun conditioner, mosquito protection, Aloe Vera, shower cap, etc.), 2 sinks, 2 outdoor showers, outdoor jacuzzi, a small lotus pond, private pool, 2 sun loungers, outdoor sofa, etc . There is even a pillow menu from which you choose the most suitable pillow can. We have order almost daily new music CDs to our Butler who´s main task was to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

Mobile phone costs are expensive, but thanks to the free Internet access, we have not used the phone very often. Thanks God, we didn´t need the resort doctor during our stay. We traveled to Thailand in the second half of April and it has rained two times, but not until late afternoon when the sun was already gone anyway. Daily there were around 36 degrees, so it was extremely hot, but when you lie lazy by the pool all day it´s really no problem – you can dive into the pool if it´s getting too hot. Since April is considered the end of the season, we have probably caught a great value for money:) For our Pool Villa I would in any case have been willing to pay more! As a recommendation, I can say is that everything is much cheaper if you buy it outside the hotel (from the food up for the trips), but it would be a pity not to make use of the hotel facilities (especially food and massages). By the way: We had no animals or insects in the room, only in the garden we have now and again seen a gecko, who disappeared immediately at my slightest movement. THE HOTEL IS REALLY GREAT! You should visit the hotel web page.

There you can have a 360-degree view on each room and choose your most appropriate accommodation type.

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Sri Lanka: Jetwing Sea****

The famed resort town of Negombo on the West Coast of Sri Lanka is a hive of activity. Yet, its golden stretch of beach extends in idyllic peace as far as the eye can see. With the white capped swells of the Indian Ocean swirling up literally to its door, the elegant charms of Jetwing Sea awaits you. The sifting breeze as warm as the smiles that invite you to indulge in a perfect tropical holiday you will treasure.

Accommodation: All rooms are spacious and beautifully fitted and furnished. Light coloured wood, soft toned down shades of brown and large prints of palms and that dominate the walls, all add to a sense of calm and peace. With all the modern amenities you could want, we offer some of the best accommodation in Negombo for you to enjoy.

Distance: airport Colombo 45 km

Price: from 1.800* Eur/week/2 persons, breakfast included

*Flight from Bucharest to Germany is not included and estimated at ca. 300 Eur/2 persons

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Israel: Hotel Artplus****

Located just steps from the Tel Aviv beach and the beachfront promenade, the Artplus hotel in Tel Aviv is an exciting brand new 62-room hotel dedicated to Israeli art.

Accommodation: All rooms are equipped Air-conditioning, Multi-channel TV (LCD), Free Wi-Fi access, Mini fridge, Mini Safe (suitable for laptops), Hair dryer

Distance: airport Tel Aviv 45 km

Price: from 1.550 Eur/7 nights/2 persons, breakfast and direct flight from Bucharest included

Bali: Bali Tropic Resort & Spa****

The Bali Tropic Resort & Spa epitomizes the authentic Balinese architecture and style fringed by powdery white-sand and crystalline seas. It combines nature, rejuvenating spa treatments, and a host of recreational activities to give you the ultimate tropical retreat.

Accommodation: The Deluxe-rooms are ca. 24 m² large and equipped with A/C, King Size Beds, Minibar (not included), Safe, hair dryer, telephone, Sat-TV, Tea/Coffee. From the terrace you can enjoy a nice garden view.

Distance: airport 15 km

Price: from 3.350* Eur/2 weeks/2 persons, all inclusive; departure 09.04.2012

*Flight from Bucharest to Germany is not included and estimated at ca. 300 Eur/2 persons

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Sri Lanka: Club Dolphin****

Tropical sunshine, sparkling turquoise seas, picturesque fishing villages and catamaran fleets, a 14 acre palm garden nestled amongst the sun-drenched city of Waikkal just 56 kms from Colombo, is Club Hotel Dolphin, a resort for the young at heart. The All-Inclusive resort covers guest’s room, luxurious abundance of food, drink and recreation with entertainment of your choice.

Accommodation: This sprawling hotel boasts of 96 deluxe rooms that are complete with AC, cable TV, DVD player, Tea/Coffee making facilities, hair dryer, piped music and telephone, 50 individual cottages that are additionally equipped with a mini bar, and 02 suites which additionally have a surround sound system, an in-room safe and a sitting area as well.

Distance: Negombo 56 km

Price: from 2.930* Eur/2 weeks/2 persons, all incusive

*Flight from Bucharest to Germany is not included and estimated at ca. 300 Eur/2 persons

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Maldives: The sunny side of life


Kuredu Island Resort on the northern reef of Lhaviyani atoll is an area famous for its beauty and abundant fish life. Guests can choose from three resorts and nine categories of accommodation.

Accommodation: Kuredu Island Resort & Sangu Water Villas

Each of the bungalows and villas has traditional looks from without, and within the comforts aimed to provide a memorable holiday in paradise on earth. The facilities include air-conditioning, fan, telephone with international dialing facility, CD player with CDs for loan, coffee and tea making facility, safe deposit box, well stocked mini bar, shower with hot and cold water, sun chairs, sun loungers, etc.

Distances: 80 miles north of the International Airport and 35 minutes by seaplane.

Price: from 4.150 Eur for 2 adults, 2 weeks accommodation and flight from Bucharest included

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Sri Lanka: A land like no other

2 weeks for 2 persons starting with 2.200 Eur (hotel and flight included!)

Bali: Ubud Hanging Gardens

Each of the 38 luxury Balinese villas with private pool hugs the curves of the hillside and the surrounding river terraces offering uninterrupted views of the ancient temple opposite the valley.

Ubud Hanging Gardens is a haven of peace set among the smoky volcanoes and emerald rice terraces at the heart of Bali. This Orient-Express hotel in the cultural centre of Ubud perches on a gorge with an exquisite temple on the opposite cliff. Its luxury pool villas are built in traditional style, as if in a Balinese village.

Set among terraced gardens and offering sweeping views of the valley and the hillside beyond, each  Panoramic Deluxe Pool Villa exudes authentic Balinese style. A large terrace offers a comfortable space to contemplate nature, while floor-to-ceiling windows allow the tranquil atmosphere to sweep into the room.

Details: King-sized bed or two twin beds, Spacious bathroom with hand-finished terrazzo bath and rain showerhead, Private terrace with heated infinity pool, Panoramic views of the valley and hillside beyond

Amenities: Welcome fruit basket, Luxury toiletries, Bathrobes, Ice service, CD and DVD player, Desk

Distance: Ubud 15 km; airport Denpasar 55 km

Price: from 6.050 Eur/ 2 weeks including breakfast and flight from Frankfurt (price for 2 persons)

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Maledives: Meeru Island Resort

Meeru Island Resort, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and long stretches of white, sandy beach, is the only resort on the island of Meerufenfushi.

Accommodation: All rooms feature tropical décor, a king size or two twin beds, tile or wood floors, private patio with furniture, air-conditioning, overhead ceiling fan, sitting area, stocked Mini Bar with refrigerator, tea/coffee machine, IDD telephone, color cable TV, personal safe, bathroom with hot water, shower, bath accessories, hair dryer, and nightly turndown service. Electricity is 220VAC, 50HZ. Also provided is complimentary use of chaise lounges at the pool and beach and beach towels.

Distances: ca. 1 hour from Airport in Male by speedboat

Price: from 4.000 Eur* for 2 weeks and 2 adults full board

*flight from Bucharest not included and estimated at ca. 300-400 Eur

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